Letter from the Editor

I am particularly excited about this issue, as it is my first official publication as the new Senior Editor! It has been so amazing to see the growth of the magazine, and I canít wait to further expand the traveler. I joined the Princeton...

Under the Sea: Panama

Finding Myself in Brazil

Ticket Stubs & Seashells: Varadero, Cuba

Keeping (S)pace with London

The Dying Synagogues of Mumbai

The days here stick to my hands like the dust that coated them each morning in the Kalwa slum. The days hide in the black soot in my nose, ring through my ears like the blaring traffic, gather low in my throat like phlegm, and sit heavy in my...

The Patterns of Tamil Nadu, India

How To Satisfy Your Wallet & Wanderlust

Ethics and the Exotic: Kuna Yala, Panama

During my thesis research trip this January, I found myself staying in in the midst of a Native village in the Kuna Yala archipelago of Panama. As I was paddling through the Caribbean Sea, I was suddenly swarmed by a ravenous herd of...

Don't Cry For Me Argentina

Royal Poise with Quotidian Charm: London


~ Demi Fang